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USANA Detox Tea Mix provides a digestive support instant tea mix with a soothing peppermint flavour.

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  • Relieves occasional feelings of bloating and gas
  • Maintains the health of your gut microbiome
  • Supports regularity

Occasional digestive discomfort finds everyone at one time or another. Try a natural, recharging, and refreshing approach to soothe your aching stomach. USANA Detox Tea Drink Mix offers the comfort of a warm cup of tea and relief from infrequent digestive upset. So you can foster your digestive health while quieting the occasional feelings of bloating.*

Overindulgence in rich foods can leave you feeling bloated and uncomfortable. Rooted in traditional Chinese medicine (or TCM) this tea mix is meant to support digestive health, maintain regularity, and calm the occasionally upset stomach. Active ingredients—including licorice root, peppermint extract, dandelion root, cinnamon, and ginger—blend together in a balanced, delicious tea. The combination allows you to optimize your digestion and ease feelings of discomfort with the help of Detox Tea Drink Mix.*

Detox Tea Drink Mix relies on licorice root as one of its most potent ingredients. And the tasty addition doesn’t just function in this digestive health tea. It enhances the flavor by adding a mild sweetness. You can benefit from the gut-health aspects of licorice root while enjoying a palatable and pleasing cup of tea.*

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